Ordinances most requested:

Ord 14-01 Flood damage prevent

Ord 14-05 Parking citation enforcement board

Ord 15-02 Repair & replacement of streets and sidewalks

Ord 15-05 Prohibit grass/debris on sidewalk/street

Ord 15-11 Sidewalk Repair and Replacement Program

Ord 16-04 Waste collection fees

Ord 16-05 Waste collection


Current Ordinances:

Ch 72 Parking Regulations

Ch 73 Traffic Schedules

Ch 90 Nuisances

Ch 91 Animals

Ch 92 Abandoned Vehicles

Ch 93 Streets and Sidewalks

Ch 98 Trees


 **This is only a partial list of Ordinances most requested.  Please call the Clerk's Office for the complete list of Ordinances or for questions. 


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