FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Animal Control

Q – Who do I call if I find a stray cat/dog? Or any domestic animal complaints?

A – Call Campbell County Animal Shelter at 859-635-2819

Q – Who do I call for help with wildlife issues?

A – Click Here

Leaf Pickup

Q – Does the City pick up leaves in the Fall?

A – Yes, leaf pickup starts based on weather (usually in November)

Q – If our leaves are not picked up, who do I call?

A – You can call the City Clerk’s office and request your leaves be picked up

Occupational Licenses

Q – How do I get a business license or payroll tax account set up for the City of Southgate?

A – The City of Southgate contracts with Campbell Co. Occupational License Department. Please contact 859-292-3884

Permits for building/fences

Q – Who do I call for a permit for a new building item, deck, or fence?

A – The City contracts with Campbell County Planning and Zoning at 859-292-3880. They can help you with permits for new structures, fences, or changes to existing structures

Q – What if I’m doing a home repair and no major changes are being made?

A – Call the Clerk’s office to see if it is a Code Enforcement issue or a Planning & Zoning issue

Permits for blocking parking on the street/ street obstruction

Q – How do I get no parking signs to have a dumpster or POD delivered?

A – See the street obstruction permit on the Departments page – Public Works HERE . There is no fee for the permit, but it needs to be given to the Clerk’s office 48 hours in advance of a dumpster or POD being delivered

Real estate Tax Info

Q – When are city taxes due?

A – Taxes are due November 30th. Tax bills are mailed to homeowners around October 1st

Q – Is there a discount period to pay?

A – There is no early pay discount

Q – What if I pay my tax bill after November 30?

A – After Nov. 30, there is a 10% penalty up front and 1% per month compounding interest for every month after until it is paid

Road issues

Q – Who do I call for issues with the roads?

A – Several roads are State roads (US 27 and Moock Rd). If you see a pothole, other damage, or trash on the roads, please call the KY Transportation Department (District 6) office at 859-341-2700.


Q – Who do I call about City street issues?

A – You can call the City Clerk’s office to report the issue. Public Works will be contacted to address the issue

Trash pick up

Q – When can I put my trash and recycling toters out for pick up?

A – Waste & recycling gets picked up on Tuesday mornings. You can set out our toters on Monday evening

Q – Where do I get the trash and recycling toters?

A – Each unit will have a trash and a recycling toter.  Call the Clerk’s office if you do not have one or need a different size toter.  The waste collection fee is charged one time per year on your city tax bill

Q – What if I have large furniture or appliances to set out for trash pick up?

A – All soft-sided furniture (couch, cushioned chair, mattresses) needs to be wrapped in plastic. The City Clerk’s office has large plastic sheets available for $3

A – Appliances can be set out, but you should call Rumpke at 1-877-786-7537 to give them notice that you have a heavy item to be picked up

Q – What if Rumpke missed my trash or recycling toters?

A – Call the Clerk’s office to report missed pick-ups.  Rumpke will usually come back the next day to pick up the toters


Q – Where do I go to vote?

A – Refer to the voting link on the Residents page – Click HERE

Yard Sale

Q – Do I need a permit to hold a yard sale?

A – No, you do not need a permit for a yard sale. However, the City has a City Wide Yard Sale each year in Sept. (the second Saturday) that does require a permit (no cost).  A list of addresses of all participants will be posted

A – No yard sale signs should be posted on street signs or stop signs

Census Information

Census information about Southgate, KY HERE


Animal Control

Please call the Campbell Co. Animal Shelter for any domestic animal issues  859-635-2819

KY Fish & Wildlife – see the link for any wild life animal issues