Legal Ads and Notices

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Title Document (download link) Start Date
Ordinance 22-10 Accept streets in Memorial Pointe subdivison Ordin 22-10 Accepting streets in Memorial Point 11/17/2022
Ordinance 22-09 Set waste fee for fiscal year 2022-2023 Ordin 22-09 Adopting Solid Waste Fee 9/27/2022
Ordinance 22-08 Establish tax rate for motor vehicles and boats for 2022 Ordin 22-08 Establish motor vehicle and boat tax rate 2022 9/12/2022
Ordinance 22-07 Establish Special Ad Valorem tax for firehouse for 2022 Ordin 22-07 Establish firehouse tax rate 2022 9/12/2022
Ordinance 22-06 Establish real & personal property tax for 2022 Ordin 22-06 Establish real & personal property tax 2022-2023 9/12/2022
Public hearing – tax rates Public Hearing tax rates 2022 08/26/2022 – 12:00
Ordinance 22-05 Amend pay classification for the Southgate Police Dept.
Ordinance 22-04 Repealing Ch 91.09 to permit and regulate fowl
Ordinance 22-03 Adopt Budget 2022-2023
Ordinance 22-02 Amend Budget 2021-2022
Community Center Inc. meeting
Salt bid auction
Public hearing LWCF grant
Community Center Inc. meeting
Southgate Public Property & Project Corp. meeting
Ridgeway Ave. Resurfacing project
Code Enforcement Appeals Board meeting
Ordinance 22-01 Adopt supplement s-7 to Code of Ordinance
Surplus vehicles for sale
Ordinance 21-12 Repeal Chapter 50 and adopt new ordinance for waste & litter control
Ordinance 21-11 Repeal Chapter 72 and adopt new parking ordinance
Meeting notice
Ordinance 21-10 Establish tax on motor vehicles & boats
Ordinance 21-09 Establish Special Ad Valorem firehouse tax
Ordinance 21-08 Establish tax on Real and Personal Property for 2021-2022
Ordinance 21-07 Amend Pay Classification Plan for Police Dept.