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Title Document (download link) Start Date
Southgate Community Center Inc. special meeting notice Southgate Community Center Inc. meeting notice 7-17-24 7/8/24
Resolution 24-04 Medical cannabis business to be put to voters in next election Resolution 24-04_ Ballot Measure for Medical Cannabis  
Adopt annual budger for fiscal year 2024-2025 Ordin 24-07 Amend budget 2023-2024 worksheet 6/22/24
Amend annual budget for fiscal year 2023 – 2024 Ordin 24-08 Adopt budget 2024-2025 worksheet 6/22/24
Annual Community Center Inc. meeting notice

Southgate Community Center Inc. meeting notice 6-5-24


Approve lease agreement for financing of project Ordin 24-06 KLC Bond for Street projects 5/21/24
Salt Auction bids Cooperative Online Reverse Salt Auction Public Advertisement 2024 5/15/24
Special meeting notice Special budget Meeting notice 5-15-24 5/6/24
Ordinance 24-05 Amend Chapter 97 of the City Code of Ordinances to update rental registration fee for long-term and short-term rentals Ordin 24-05 Amend Rental Dwelling registration fee 4/22/24
RFP for electic & gas franchise RFP GAS_ELECTRIC BIDS 2024 4/22/24
Ordinance 24-04 Establish non-exclusive franchise for use of public streets, alleys, and other public grounds for transmission and distribution of electricity and gas for consumption within the City Ordin 24-04 Establish franchise for gas-electric -ver 2 4/22/24 & 5/3/24


Public hearing for Street Projects 2024

Public hearing MRA 2024 4/8/24
RFP for Street Projects 2024 2024 Street Program RFP 2/22/24
Audit for fiscal year ending 6/30/23 2023 AUDIT REPORT 2/10/24
Ordinance 24-03 Amend zoning map for approximately 85.8 acres R-1E/PUD and R-3 zones to residential R-3 with planned unit development R-3/PUD for porperty located between Moock Rd. and I-471 Ordin 24-03 Amend zoning map for 85 acres from R-1E-PUD and R-3 zones to residential R-3 with planned unit development (PPUD) Sunrock development 2/9/24
Ordinance 24-02 Amend Chapter 111.09 (7) (C) Alcoholic Beverage Control code to permit earlier time for sale of alcoholic beverages for on permises consumption on Sundays Ordin 24-02 Amend ABC Sunday service hours 1/22/24
Ordinance 24-01 Enact/Adopt supplement to code of ordinances Ordin 24-01 Adopt supplement to code of ordinances 1/22/24
Notice to bid for playground equipment Playground equipment bid 10-4-23 10/9/23
Ordinance 23-08 Establish motor vehicle and boat tax for 2023 Ordin 23-08 Establish motor vehicle & boat tax rate 2023 9/12/23
Ordinance 23-07 Establish firehouse tax for 2023 Ordin 23-07 Establish firehouse tax rate 2023  9/12/23
Ordinance 23-06 Establish real and personal property tax for 2023 Ordin 23-06 Establish real & personal tax 2023 9/12/23
Ordinance 23-05 Amend solid waste and recycling fees for 2023 Ordin 23-05 Amend Solid Waste Fee 9/12/23
Public hearing tax rates 2023 Public Hearing tax rates 2023 8/21/23
Ordinance 23-04 Adopt Budget 2023-2024 Ordin 23-04 Adopt budget 2023-2024 signed 7/3/2023
Ordinance 23-03 Amend Budget 2022-2023 Ordin 23-03 Amend budget 2022-2023 signed 7/3/2023
Public hearing municipal road aid Public hearing MRA 2023 6/16/23
Salt Auction bid Salt Bid auction PUBLIC NOTICE 5-30-23. docx 6/2/23