Waste and Recycling


The City of Southgate executed a new contract for waste collection and recycling with Rumpke beginning July 1, 2016. Waste and recycling are collected on Tuesdays.  A 65-gallon recycling and a 95 gallon waste container (toter) were delivered to all residents.  If you are new to Southgate and need toters, please contact the City Clerk’s office 859-441-0075.

If you have missed pickups, please contact the City Clerk’s office and we will contact Rumpke to come back and pick up.

Large items may be placed at curb weekly (call Rumpke 24 hours in advance 877-786-7537).  Mattresses, sofas and soft cushion items should be wrapped in plastic.  The City has large plastic wrap for sale to wrap your soft sided furniture and mattresses before you set them out for pickup at a cost of $3.00.  Contact the City Clerk’s office to purchase.

Per Ordinance Ch. 50.20 Trash and recycling should be set out to curb no earlier than Monday, the day before pickup (Tuesdays).

If you live in an apartment or condo complex and want to recycle, you can drop off your recyclables at one of the Campbell County Recycling drop off centers


YES! Please Recycle these items in this cart:

    • Newspapers, Inserts, & Junk Mail
    • Magazines, Catalogs, & Phone Books
    • Cardboard & Clean Pizza Boxes
    • Office & School papers
    • Boxboard (Cereal, cake, & cracker boxes)
    • Paper Egg Cartons
    • Paper Bags (grocery type)
    • Aluminum Cans & Clean Foil
    • Tin & Steel Aerosol Cans (empty & lids/tips removed)
    • Glass Jars & Bottles (empty & remove lids)
    • All Plastic Containers (empty)



NO!  Please DO NOT put these items in recycling cart:

    • NO Garbage
    • NO Plastic Bags
    • NO Food Waste (used paper plates, paper towels, or paper napkins)
    • NO Polystyrene Cups or Plates
    • NO Motor Oil Bottles
    • NO Hazardous Chemical Containers
    • NO Plastic Toys or Sporting Goods
    • NO Electronics or Batteries
    • NO Compact Discs or DVD’s
    • NO Foam Egg Cartons
    • NO Ice Cream Cartons
    • NO Light Bulbs
    • NO Hangers
    • NO Yard Waste or Garden Tools