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A Street Obstruction Permit is required before a dumpster or POD is placed on a city street per Ordinance 19-05 (amending Chapter 93 of the Code of Ordinances).  The Public Works Foreman should approve the permit before the dumpster or POD placement.  Please complete the form and submit it to the City Clerk’s office at 122 Electric Ave. for approval.  Thank you.

Street Obstruction Permit Form for POD/Dumpster (Print) (Submit Online)                      

Ordinance 19-05 Permits for Dumpsters/PODs

Ordinance 19-13 Amend Street Obstruction permits

It is required to submit a Street Obstruction permit with the City Clerk’s office before starting work or blocking 1/3 of the street if the work will take longer than an hour.  Please call Campbell County Dispatch 859-292-3622 one hour prior to street obstruction.  Dispatch will notify the Police and Fire Department in case of an emergency or if they need to travel through the closure.  Emergency repairs (less than one hour), deliveries, and waste collection are not required to submit a street obstruction permit.

Please complete the Right of Way Encroachment permit if work will be done on City streets.  Details described in Ordinance 15-02 – revised in Ordinance 19-13.  See chapter 93 in Code of Ordinance (Govt. tab).

Specifications below:

Part 1.  

Part 2.

Right of Way Encroachment Permit for Utility Companies (Print) (Submit Online)

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